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Learn With Me!

Want to be a musical chameleon or become a virtuoso on one instrument? You're in the right place.


My goal with teaching music is to equip students with the tools and mindset necessary to free themselves of limitations. I want to work with you to identify your goals, and work towards them in which you will actually have fun and learn. ​Before taking lessons, I invite prospective students to do a trial session in which you can experience my teaching method and I can answer any questions you may have. Music lessons are available in New York City or remote. Book here.

Learn violin, saxophone, piano, guitar, drums, or mandolin. 

All ages welcome. Beginner to expert. 

Additionally, I can expand our lessons to include music theory, ear training, writing music/lyrics, and mindfulness. It is my goal that every student finishes a lesson with a sense of calm and gratitude from the joys of making music. 

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Lesson Concepts



Music Theory


Learn basic instrument facility. For more advanced students, well work on note patterns and playing with dynamics. 

Improv can range from writing melody to constructing a solo. Learn to improvise in a traditional jazz setting or a modern jazz/bluegrass environment. 

Get introduced to the construction of a song and what makes it cohesive. Learn how to read music. For more advanced students, we can do ear training, including learning how to hear chord changes. 

Bring in lyrics, poetry, or any assortment of words you've written, and I'll teach you how to set it to music. We will also break down your favorite song to see how it's made. Then we can work towards creating one of your own!


I will inspire you to be confident as a musician and play in the moment. We will work on how to accomplish your musical goals without taking it so seriously! Practices include breath work and gratitude. 

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